That Gay Netflix Show (w/Thomas Khongmaly)

Zeke DolezalekZeke DolezalekHost
Thomas KhongmalyThomas KhongmalyGuest

Finally talking about that gay Netflix show with my pal Thomas!
We are MORE THAN THRILLED to discuss the culprit behind our new personalities: Heartstopper, the Alice Oseman webcomic turned graphic novel turned NETFLIX SERIES! And SPOILER ALERT: IT'S GAY! So much gay. 

We talk about Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Sebastian Croft, and allll the sweet little angels behind this coming-of-age, "bildungsroman", queer romance joy. Sprinkled in with Thomas telling us what it is like to live as an elderly, gay, Asian man in the 21st century and also in his 30's. Could not be me!!

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