Fanfic (w/Amie Ledermann)

Amie LedermannAmie LedermannGuest
Zeke DolezalekZeke DolezalekHost
We are back!! After a 3 month hiatus, we couldn't be happier to be back in your ears with SECOND TIME GUEST: Amie Ledermann. We got together to chat about a topic that helped bring our friendship to the next level. FANFIC! From Harry Potter to Twilight to Avatar the Last Airbender to the Bible. There's a story for everyone, no matter the genre. Listen to us chat about where we find our fic, how we choose what we read, and even hear Amie quiz me on my Fanfic knowledge! And yes, I do talk about One Direction smut (#LArry)!!! ALSO we are now releasing VIDEO EPISODES alongside every new episode on our Patreon along with special bonus episodes and additional bonus content. -- Follow the pod on IG at @GaySpoiler Help support us on Patreon: FOLLOW Zeke Follow Amie on IG at @HonestAmes --- Support this podcast: