About The Show

Spoiler Alert: It’s Gay! hosts conversations with queer folk, author interviews, book recommendations, and gay pop culture chats.  

The focus is on LGBTQIA+ books, music, music videos, television/film, poems, and graphic novels. Truly anything queer!

Why LGBTQIA+ art? It’s hard to find strictly queer book podcasts from the point of the reader. 

Truly, I have such a passion for queers books, queer sotires, queer music, music videos and movies that are totally gay-baity... I have Spotify playlists of songs that give off gay vibes,  Youtube video playlists of gay/queer music videos, shelves full of queer YA(and New Adult, which is a term I only learned recently..) fiction, bookmarks of queer fanfic of popular works of art. The positive reinforcement and voice that I have found in these pieces, both as a young adult and now as an adult-adult, has truly allowed me to live and exist as a more comfortable version of myself. Something something something, visibility for queer youth, etc. etc...
Additionally, I love being able to relate things from the fiction-verse to the real word; real-life problems and examples happening today. We will probably get a bit political. 

Whether or not the listeners like the book or show or piece of content we are discussing each week, the show draws a diverse range of viewership for both its critical look at the text and its ability to bring in outside and often marginalized voices to discuss what the text means/meant to them in that moment and in the present.

Our Host

Zeke lives, works, and podcasts from Chicago, Illinois. As an out & queer member of the community, Zeke runs a media production company (iAmZekeD, LLC) that centers around creating content, art, media, and access to all of the above for queer creators and people of color.

He is available for interviews and podcasting opportunities.